Indian cities ATM Locators

Hey guys, on the eve of 2012, I am proud to announce the ATM Locators for Indian cities. The android apps totally provides 3000 Locations to search information from.

Please check out and give your valuable feedback.

Thanks & Happy new year.

Amit S

When do you know you are improving your programming Skills

* You know you are a bad programmer when you fail to explain any programming or technical query to CEO/Executive/Top Level management

* You know you are a budding programmer when you fail to explain any programming or technical query to a Solution Architect

* You know you are a good programmer when you fail to explain any programming or technical query to your peer Developers

* You know you are one of the best programmers when when you try really hard but fail to explain any programming or technical query to a fresh college grad. If you successfully do so, you have passed the litmus test of being called an expert programmer

Connect to Internet from Blackberry Playbook by tethering Nokia phones

Blackberry PlayBook is an awesome tablet for new bee like me who never owned a mobile-device other than my Nokia phone.

I was playing around on how to tether my Nokia N70 with PlayBook. Though there is inbuilt tethering feature in PlayBook I could not get it working. I kept on getting error messages.

I read this article on Crackberry with the hope of getting internet working on PlayBook. But could not connect to net and every time the tablet shouted with same error messages:
  • The wireless service plan of the device must support tethering.
  • The device must be compatible with Bluetooth technology. To find out what Bluetooth profiles the device uses, see the information that came with the device.

Finally, After an hour long of tinkering around, I found how on how to connect to internet from my Nokia.

Follow these steps to connect to Internet via PlayBook and Nokia:

  • Connect your Nokia phone to the Playbook via Bluetooth.
  • In Nokia, set the Playbook device as authorized.
  • Go to 'Internet Tethering' section in 'Settings' and Select the Nokia phone from list.
  • In the next page instead of searching for carrier, create a Custom carrier and enter the APN, username and password.
  • Hit Connect after filling the details.
  • Bingo ! You are done. Playbook will now magically connect to internet from Nokia via Bluetooth.

Is cloud really what you Imagined it to be ?

I am little late to write on what Cloud Computing is, how cloud makes life easier, saves money, etc. There are tons of materials available on internet.

I have been involved in cloud computing projects and I have seen the 'real cloud(s)'. Cloud computing is not worth the hype it received. I read a tweet which said 'Cloud computing is most abusive word of 2010'. Every IT company started developing cloud tools and made life of businesses even more complex. The companies created more mess than solving the issues. Everyone was bored of web2.0 so IT guru's came out with new way to 'loot' (increase business).

Every cloud vendor argues to get the businesses get started using cloud very easily and smoothly in very short span of time and at very less cost. This sounds like an utopia for any business requiring IT Infrastructure. Cloud is better than old technologies, but in reality it is costly and does require enough amount of time to setup.

For example, I work in an IT firm in India. The company houses 1000's of employees and has massive infrastructure setup. Very recently it was announced that the infra is being moved to cloud and henceforth we can get virtually infinite amount of resource we want for projects. This was a welcome news for us. With old hardware infra in place, we had to raise requests with our requirements and it took long hours to process them.

But the end result, nothing has changed. The infra has moved to cloud but we still raise same kind of requests and get only limited resources to use. On top of that the turn around time to process the request has not changed at all.

Cloud computing has just changed the hardware lab infra and nothing else. People need to be trained to use special cloud tools has increased overhead in cost. People processing the requirements remains same. Like any other management changes that moves from top-bottom, cloud computing should move from bottom to top. It just affects the company cost but developer's frustration remains same yet !

Ultimately we are back where we started. Cloud computing has done little good except for IT companies. What I am trying to say here is even though cloud promises to be faster and elastic, the company's policies and processes cannot make it better for use. So if you want your company to use cloud and be quicker and faster, ensure that everyone is benefited from the infra rather than only lab maintenance department :)

Sriramu's SameTime gotchas

Sriramu works in a giant geographically spread IT organization. A lean tall guy equivalent to the banana tree. He has been in IT industry past 3years now and has learned a great deal about corporate culture. He has become a corporate monkey as my friend Jill quotes.

SameTime is chat client by IBM. I wonder when we have many options of free chat clients, why the hell a company needs to buy a chat client and that too from THE IBM ? Well, according to Sriramu, SameTime (ST) is the best chat client for enterprises. Other day he was mentioning some gotchas about ST.

According to Sriramu,
  • If you are online in ST, it means you are working. Your physical location can be home or office or rest-room, it doesn't matter.
  • Even if you do not apply for any Leave, but if you are offline in ST, your manager will get suspicious to know if you are on leave or working.
  • If you do not specify your location information {Home, Office, Client location, etc} in ST, it definitely means that you are working from Home.
  • If your status is 'Do not disturb' in ST, it means you are watching some ;)
  • ST is a good tool to do profile hopping. ST provides all info about the person in form of a profile. So like profile hopping in FB, Sriramu uses ST to hop profiles in his company.
  • The first thing Sriramu does when he comes to office is login to ST else people {esp. Manager} will not realize he has come to work.
  • Keep changing the profile picture in ST, who know someday this ST may do wonder. {Sriramu is still single and searching !!!}
If you are using ST @ your workplace, add on your ST gotcha.