24 things to do at 24 !!!

This is a TODO list of tasks that I 'll do before am 24 :)

1. Finish up writing my book
2. Contribute to the KDE effort
3. Be a Regular Blogger
4. Take part in organizing FOSS events
5. Register my own named domain website
6. Buy a better cell phone
7. Buy a Macbook Air
8. Buy a Fridge (for God's sake)
9. Buy a Car ( Yup, the Maruti Suzuki SX4 )
10. Buy a Suit ( Refer to point #13 ;)
11. Buy a digital SLR ( the Sony DSC H3)
12. Buy lots of Nike!
13. Get Married!
14. Get into a nicer house
15. Start living with style!
16. Stop flirting with women
17. Finish up lessons
18. Go home!
19. Reduce alcohol drinks
20. Be more regular at work
21. Learn to cook
22. Start buying original music CD's
23. Get known as a top KDE contributor ( in light of #1-#6)
24. Make sure 1-23 are implemented


Abhishek said...

Good list. You have set goals for yourself.

But don't you think you are missing something??

Anonymous said...

hi blogger..... ur blog is interesting but pls clarify my doubts...
Point 10,13: Is it a marriage suit or suite?
Point 16: If u want to stop flirting with woman then whom do u want to flirt with?
pls reconsider points 19, 21... u may feel for it later....

I, Me, Myself said...

I dunno what is missing.. probably u can add it a lil...

Its "suit" means Blazer in Indian slang.
Dude, I worte pt:19, 21 whn I was drunk ... LOL ...

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