IT@School project

The IT@School project of the State Education Department, Kerala, has developed an operating system based on the Linux version Ubuntu called IT@School GNU Linux Version 3.0, it was distributed to 2,666 high schools — over a thousand of them government schools, the rest aided and unaided ones.

Kerala has embarked on usage of "Free & Open Source Softwares". More than 4Lakh school students took their yearly practicals between 27th Feb to 7th March. The exams were completed successfully and infact Kerala IT Department is planning to register a "Guiness World Record of Largest number of Simultaneous usage of Free Software".

GNU GPL licenced softwares were used for teaching purpose.
These are few of them.

Tux -> Drawing Tool
Gimp -> Picture Editing Tool -> Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database Learning software

Kerala has not only created a world-record but also established a solid platform for development of FOSS.

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