An eventful B'day

I know its toooo late for me to write about my B'day celebrations. I actually forgot that I do have a blog and I do need to keep updating my blog. I was getting too bored in my office and suddenly realized that I need to update the blog atleast. So here I am with new article centered on my B'day bash... for those who dunno, my b'day was on 29th March.

After shifting to b'lore I go to coimbatore to meet family and friends mostly only during weekends. This year luckily my b'day too was on weekend. So I planned to spend this day with everyone there rather than staying here in b'lore and eating this sad outside hotel food daily :P

For the first time I was out of coimbatore during ma b'day. For the first time I was in train on way to cbe. For the first time I got less calls during my b'day as there was no tower in train :(
Well added to this I the train reached an hour and half late to cbe. I was really pissed off. But hey after landing to cbe it was like breathing fresh air. Everything for the b'day was planned long back.

After reaching home, I took out a chocolate box I bought for Riya. But as always mum and bhabhi wanted me not give her. So as usual I went to keep the choc in fridge. To my surprise I found my b'day cake in the fridge.... hahahaha... Bhabhi was like you-spoiled-our-surprise. :D
I did not stop there. Me and Riya took out the cake and started there itself.
That was a great start for the day :)

Mom and Bhabhi had planned spl dishes for whole day. I am real foodie. Had wonderful time eating every dish they made. Even now while writing my mouth is watering on imagining those dishes...
Evening it was decided for a family dinner. But before that my school friends called up and wanted me to treat them. Evening now was splitted into two parts. Dinner + treat.
I took all my friends for ice cream treat at bon-bon. everyone was searching for most costliest ice-cream in the parlor. (aaj bali ka bakra mein tha).

After finishing off with them I went home to get ready. Suddenly out of nowhere another set of my school friends came in my home with a Excess Chocolate cake. That was a gr8 surprise. Cake was looking very yummy and my friends were not letting cut it so easily. Bhabhi was a hidden-detective who knew this surprise was planned perfectly.
Later part of evening was spent with family. we all went out to Richfood. It was around ten and service was not on par. Finally after long wait we did eat good food and quality time :)
Birthday did not end so soon. Late night talks with my "friend" made it the best and it was a perfect end for my day.

It was the most memorable b'day I ever had.



anju said...

Wel a spl person like u deserves the most happening b'day too.. reading ur blog does make me know how wonderful it was. Also it'll alwys turn to be best evry year.. spl wishes for entire life from ur dear friend'.

I, Me, Myself said...

glad to hear tat u did like the blog. B'day was indeed wonderful and as i call an eventful one. Your wishes have made my day. :)


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