How you feel being a LOSER !!!

I dunno how to write start-up lines for this articles. So I tried googling to find what exactly LOSER means. But I could not find any "better" meaning than people occassionally use. Few of the meanings are: "A person who fails to win", "someone who loses consistently", "One who continually comes up short on a trade", "one who is unlucky".

Loser in my terms -> It is that period in life of a person, during which the productivity level keeps decreasing considerably. By "productivity level", I mean the state of not being loser. ;)
I hope this period is like Ballmer peak for most of us.

Its like my period of being a loser is on. I have been constantly failing to win anything I try my hands onto. I can go on providing a list of the events, but that will make me a real "loser" in front of all (here the term loser had other meaning). Being a loser is the worst one can ever feel. Even if family, friends, guide, others are there with you, the guilty feeling remains. At times you might feel like throwing everything that is on ur office desk, hitting walls, not hungry enough to eat, mind occupied with utter nonsense, sleepless nights, increased alcohol consumption, (u can add some more if u want).

One thing I noticed was the ratio of number of losers to non-losers is very high. Its like I only form 0.000001% of loser (calculated from Intel FPU). Its like there is a whole bunch of people. They have started a forum to identify themselves.
Out of a sudden I feel proud to be happy. I am part of a big community which even nominates "loser of the week". Its like the loser of week is a less-loser than others in the community. I too wanna be loser of the week some day. :) Be proud to be a loser than simply hiding yourself from those idiotic non-losers.

I am sure there are lots out there who do agree to what I have stated. This blog entry is dedicated to those losers who could not make it big in this competitive arena.


Narasimhan said...

revising your posts again. anyway good post dude. but surprised u had the 'loser' feeling some time ago.

Amit M Surana said...

I still dont say m not a LOSER any more !!!

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