Annoying home page Links

One of the many annoying things I face while reading blogs is the reference links the blogger provides. For example the blogger is mentioning about Eclipse community, the blogger usually tends to provide links only to the home page of Eclipse Foundation rather than the Community or details he/she mentioning. In my view such citations are unnecessary. If at all I wanna go to the home-page of the referred detail, I can very well find it myself. I expect the blogger to provide the relevant link to what exactly is being highlighted.

Here are some copy-pasted snippets from various blogs/sites:
Snippet: Google's Open Source Team and O'Reilly Media are once again teaming up to present five Open Sourcerers with awards at OSCON 2008. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to nominate recipients, so check out our Hall of Fame for inspiration and a list of past winners. We'll be accepting nominations through May 15, 2008; for more details, check out the announcement on the O'Reilly Radar.

Snippet: In 10 years, Luis Villa has seen his career expand side by side with free and open source software (FOSS). Starting as bugmaster at Ximian, one of the companies that shaped GNOME as we know it today, he has been a mid-level manager at Novell, the coordinator of testing with the GNOME project, and a frequent member of the GNOME Foundation Board.

A good Blogger in my view provides such relevant links in the content:

Snippet: My previous post on upgrading the CPU in your PC was more controversial than I intended. Here's what I wrote:

In my opinion, quad-core CPUs are still a waste of electricity unless you're putting them in a server. Four cores on the desktop is great for bragging rights and mathematical superiority (yep, 4 > 2), but those four cores provide almost no benchmarkable improvement in the type of applications most people use. Including software development tools.