Royal Challengers vs Deccan Chargers

BCCI has created great hype among cricket lovers by bringing IPL. It seems like a perfect mix of cricket+fun+glamour+babes. Hell lot of money is involved in IPL and cricketers were "sold" via auction. Being a cricket lover and a cine buff I really enjoy watching IPL. Big names are involved in the game. All the cricketers whom I have cherished through out life are now playing against each other. So it becomes difficult to choose the favourites.

May 3rd, 2008 I went to see cricket match between RC vs DC at Chinnasamy stadium, in here, at B'lore. DC has big favourites like Gibsy, Gilly, VVS, Afridi, etc while RC has the Wall, Kallis, Boucher, Katrina Kaif, sexy cheer leaders ;) It was great to see all these "stars" out there on ground. We all friends were cheering, screaming, shouting for every huge hit, be it by DC or RC with loud music played in the background. People enjoyed more on seeing cheer leaders than cricketers. ;) My g.f got boiled when I said I had "close" look of cheer leaders.
The pic shown here is of the Bangalore Cheer Leader. Being home ground for B'lore with such cheer leaders people around had no doubts but to support their team. But I was keen on supporting DC :)

Nine of us went to see the match. It was terrific experience. Seeing on t.v and in reality was entirely different experience. One of my friends throughout the match kept complaining that ground seem smaller one than usual. T20 is an excellent form of entertainment. Just 4hours of entire match play. T20 suits perfect for people who are busy in their work but free enough to spend few hours for entertainment.

It was a gripping final over by Anil Kumble. DC needed 20runs in the last over. Sanjay Bangar came to rescue for DC by hitting 2 great knocks over the top of boundry. But he couldnt gain victory for his team. All he could do was to make many bookies and betters bite their nails and pray God.

KR (in center of pic) was keen on taking a pic which he can put up in his orkut album to show to all his contra-fans. I have taken some awesome videos of KR dancing and cheering. If you are yet-another-kr-fan then do mail me to get all his pics and vids.

All I can say is I had wonderful time watching match+glamor+babes+crowd. :)


anju said...

Wat an AMAZING blog n a GREAT pic too(former though. ppl wil BOIL seeing such stuffs for sure..

I, Me, Myself said...

thank u 4 ur appreciation abt my photography. ;)
There are other pics but u c those pics cannot be pasted here else ppl will indeed 'boil'

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