Open Source is Everywhere

I went for a two day trip to guest house in pollachi away from city pollution, work and tension. It is a decent town and climate was amazing. I some how managed to stay away from my x86 for more than 48 hours. Near our guest house was a good restaurant named "Hotel Samson". I used to go there often to get some eatables now and then. The restaurant owner Mr. George Varghese who is in his late 50's became quite friendly to me and served us very well everytime we went there.

Mr. Varghese has a hobby of collecting photos and put it in his hotel. Out of 20 odd framed pics I happened to see a frame of a familiar looking long bearded guy wearing an odd cap , strange robes and posing like blessing someone. I instantly recognized him as Richar Stallman. I went to ask Mr. Varghese as though I did not recognize the person in pic. He patiently explained me entire story of how the pic came there and also gave me gyan on Open Source, FOSS related stuffs [though I knew those stuffs, but felt good hearing from a fellow supporter :) ].

It is surprising that Open Source has spread to such an extent and its supporters are everywhere around the world. Before leaving the place I did meet Mr. Varghese again. He is really cool old chap.

Hail Open Source !!!