Fedora9 on USB Stick

I reently came across the news that we can install Fedora on usb sticks. I had previously used DSL on Windows which was installed on my stick but it did not have that appealing UI and various pre-installed softwares which Fedora gives. DSL was good enough to run on my college systems which were dead slow and crappy Windows installed on them. VM Ware and other such softwares are available in market. But this option of starting Linux without booting windows and not-screwing your laptop was best I can go for.

Recently after joining the company I was hoping to get some Linux pre-installed Laptop. But to my dismay they gave me the same crappy Windows. I was desperate to use Linux on my Laptop. Luckily in the same time-frame I came across this Fedora9 installation USB Stick. Its pretty cool thing. Perhaps the easiest way to set up my own Fedora desktop on a stick is to use, believe it or not, liveusb-creator on Windows. This program gave me a straightforward GUI for creating Fedora desktop sticks. It downloads Fedora9 if you don't have any iso downloaded on your disk. I also installed additional programs on my portable desktop. The stick boots from BIOS hence avoiding starting of Windows completely. Its like making you Laptop/Computer dual boot without modifying the MBR for Windows (This is good for me, as I dont want to screw up my company laptop).

Well, I now enjoy using Fedora on my Laptop. I atleast can be 'free' from using that crappy shit like Windows. I can also access my Windows partitions, play songs, movies, browse. :)

If you are a Linux fan looking for a change from shitty stuffs, I am sure this link will help you.
(try out on ur own risk)