Bangalore Techies 'protest' against Software Patents

Bangalore Free Software User Group activists organized a 'Candle light vigil' against Software patents being introduced in India. It gathered good amount of media attention. Students, IT professionals, college professors, and others were part of this protest.

I don't understand why everything in India happens via 'protests'. Can we not reach people by any other better way? or Is it because government will hear our view only if we have a protest? or Is it a 'tradition' of organizing dharnas and protests to create awareness?
Introducing software patents will stop people from innovation, bring in monopoly, etc can be told to all via media, articles, sms, blogs, networking sites, etc.
To stop the Software patents being introduced in India, can we not approach higher authorities or may be supreme court?
A common man who is nowhere related to software field will definitely not be interested in knowing why the heck you introduce software patents or any thing like that. A protest can be effective if it involves huge public than just selected odd people.
'Protests' are like daily routines for politicians, but I did not know even IT professionals have jumped into the scene. I am not against the FOSS duties but I still think we can find a better medium of making people hear our words, views and create awareness.