Google Chrome - Enhance Browsing Experience

I have started a new blog, which will have a weekly article on the happenings in Open Source world in the entire week. My first post started with google's new browser offering 'Chrome'. It was under development for about an year. 

I downloaded the browser today morning. It has really simple UI. I like the way google has decided to place Tabs instead of a titlebar. The entire UI has only Tab-bar, Address-bar and a Bookmarks-bar. A small tool-like icon will give you fair number of options 
to change your preferences. 
A sample screenshot of the browser. 

I was playing the browser opening various sites to see how its performance was. While typing the site address on the address-bar, google searches for any site with this name. It also suggests you alternatives for such sites. Its really cool feature. This help one navigate sites very quickly. Say if you are searching for site named "samurai". As per google most relevant match to your term is link to Wikipedia. Hence it shows this wiki link to you.
 I guess it is something like "I'm feeling Lucky". 
Then I opened adobe's home page.  The page crashed and it showed me this error meesage. 
When such error messages are thrown by Windows , your work is lost and the application
 is shut-down. But Chrome did not crash. This might be because as per google's comic book for chrome - "Every tab is sandboxed". This means every tab is an isolated process like entity. Hence this crashed only one tab. :) 
Owing to google's popularity, everyone must try Chrome for sure. They do come out with 'better' products than their competitors. 
You can read google's official blog for more details.
Its very early to say all the features of chrome are really cool. Its fairly simple and easy to browse. I dont think Chrome will replace Firefox but I do believe that IE should start worrying about its future ;) 

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