Linux Hater's Blog - Dead ?

Linux Hater's Blog one of its kind received great response all around. Blog readers who loves or hates Linux/OSS had very different views about this one. People were indeed carried by the style of writing by LH. Its still unknown if its a bunch of people or a single person.
On October 25th LH finally decided to close up the shop !!! EOF
Community is very sad by this decision. LH will definitely be missed. I myself had subscribed for the LH blog. LH wit of bringing out any technical or rant about OSS was very unique. The last post by LH received mixed reactions. Most said they gonna miss the blog and few were happy that 'yet-another-idiot' is gone.
Over all it was fun reading. I have unsubscried to the Feeds !!! :(

LH's Last Post - EOF

Edited: I want to give credit to Manjunath, my colleague, who introduced me to this blog. Thanks :)


Manjunath Singe said...

But do remember d00d, I am the one who introduced you to LH!

Amit M Surana said...

Post Edited !!! :)

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