Delhi 6 - An overdoze of Dilli

My over excitement to see the movie by Rang De Basanti veteran Rake(y)sh Mehra was killed totally. I pity that A.R.Rehman songs are going for "waste". Critics say success of a movie depends on the music also. Well, I should say the main driving force behind Delhi-6 was ONLY the music. ARR should be truly given the honorary title of "Sir". The title track 'Delhi-6'('Genda Phool' on rants on life of a newly married bride, 'Rahna Tu' on romance, 'Dil Gira Daffatan' portraying a confused lover, and 'Masakalli' on nakhre-jhatke, 'Aarthi' on Bhajans, 'Maula' on Namaz), speaks the versatility of ARR. My personal favourite is 'Dil Gira Daffatan', mesmerizing music and beautiful cinematography (a blend of India in US Background).

Delhi-6 is like too much of Dilli life. Rak(y)sh Mehra seems like a strong believer of Astrology, Numerology, Gyan....logy oops... But this did not bring him any luck. If the movie story itself is not gripping how can he expect his 'lucky name' to get him fame.

Abhishek B arrives in India because his grandmother Waheeda R wants to spend her last days in the place she spent most of her life - Delhi -6. The half-Hindu, half-Muslim AB arrives to the chaos of Delhi and is amazed at the love of the people, the traffic and superstitions. Abhishek B miserably fails with his forced American accent. Entire movie revolves around 'Kala Bandar', a MONKEY-MAN criminal causing nuisance in Delhi-6. It took at least an hour to set the plot of movie by showing delhi streets, people, love among hindu-muslim (why the heck they pull this religion every time), spiritual beliefs. Sonam Kapoor is adorable - sweet and beautiful. But her role was not very compelling. She played an ordinary-Indian girl who has her own dreams but family-pressure forces her to give them up. Now you would have guessed the story, Hero, Heroine, Spiritual People and MONKEY-MAN around makes a good mix. But sad to say this did not work out. :(

In RDB, Rake(y)sh Mehra's mapping of historical 'Bhagat Singh' and modern revolutionists worked out. But same thing was tried in Delhi-6, he tried to map 'Ramayan' with illogical ideologies of old spiritual people of Dilli, especially Muslim and Hindu (now please don't ask which side was portrayed as Lanka!!). Delhi-6 tries to deliver a good message of 'listening to inner-self'. Director has done wonderful job, but the script writers did not support story properly.

The best parts of movie were: ARR Music, Cinematography (in some scenes), Sonam Kapoor and length of the movie (140mins).
I would not recommend watching this movie in theatres. Let the movie CD/DVDs come out priced at 49/-. Then you can watch it peacefully at home forwarding boring parts !!!


Manjunath Singe said...

Thanks for the nice review d00d, but I still want to take a look, at least for ARR's music sake. Nice hear good things about Sonam Kapoor, hope you are right :)

Amit S said...

@Manjunath Singe
Well, its not bad watching it. Only lacking thing in movie was good script.
have fun !!!

Narasimhan said...

The first half was reasonably entertaining. The premise was creative enough. But what is creative on paper does not always reflect on thee screen. Its a difficult movie to make. And it turned out to be shabby coz of bad screenplay. Bitttu,Abhishek were cliched characters. And AR's soulful music was thoroughly wasted. I thought they made a ridicule of dil gira dafatan.So i guess bad screenplay turned out to be the kaala bandar of delhi-6.

Amit S said...

Absolutely. The characters were not properly utilized.

Natasha said...

I disagree...Loved Delhi 6...after Rang De Basanti another awesome movie from Rakeysh Mehra...apt casting..great work by Binod Pradhan, Abhishek is fab and Sonam is a delight on screen.

Amit S said...

Movie was quite good in terms of every other factors than Script. It was like they tried to set the plot of movie for too long and by then movie was almost over.
I totally agree that Sonam is indeed delight on screen :)

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