Dive into 2010

Current Time in India 00:25am when I finished writing this blog entry.

Well, Yes. We Indians have already entered 2010. I wonder how Americans or other nations are still living a decade behind us. ;)

Wondering if I have gone crazy sitting @ home in this hour and watching Victoria's secret Fashion show on Star world and typing this blog. Sitting alone at home, but-not-alone notion in mind makes me type this and move ahead.

It was not an overall boring time sitting at home. Went out to Maiya's for special Neer Dosa, some kannda dish like Akki Rotti. Then rolled back to peaceful location near my place. Yes, you guessed it right if you stay in IndiraNagar Bangalore, I went to Leela Palace. Its such an amazing 'palace'. Directly jumped in Oxford books outlet and bought P.G Wodehouse's 'The Girl in Blue', after getting confused on seeing almost 10 odd humor books from the same author. I really enjoyed reading the initial pages of the book and sipping Black Berry flavored natural iced tea at Barista outlet in Leela itself.

Came back home around half-past eleven and started watching Daniel Craig kill Mitchell's guy, Edmund Slate in Quantum of Solace. I really lost track of the movie story even after reading in Wikipedia. So switching channels lead me to some interesting yet mindless entertainment on Star World. Such shows have become 'cliché'. Turned and rolled on bed for sometime and now am back here typing this blog :)

something-cool... I entered new year by registering a new domain for some cool stuffs I have planned for next year. Do not assume it as my resolution, its just an attempt to 'feel' that I am moving ahead unlike as shown in a local Bangalore news channel where ~10k losers on Brigade Road drinking and then shooed by Police lathi charge just after new year. Dammit even during end of year, I am thinking of progress and stuff. Now stop judging if am loser or not nor try guessing the new domain.

Anyways, time to go to bed. Have a great new year ahead and wish you good luck.
Hope you, the reader, was not among that loser in 10k crowd ;)



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