Tips to work smart with Blackberry Storm2

Just been 3 weeks with the new phone and am already writing blog to educate others. How fool of me. However an honest attempt to educate the masses who never utilize the phone to their fullest of limits.

Storm2 is biggest myth breaker that Blackberry is meant only for "corporate monkey's". Any average user can have it to its own disposal provided they are able to shell out bucks little more than your average phone.

  • First thing I noticed is that, we need to use power button to lock / unlock phone. Only other way is to click the 'Lock' icon in the Blackberry menu. So best way to avoid pressing button is to move the Lock icon front screen.
  • Change the keys tap rate to 'fast' via Menu -> Options -> Screen/Keyboard. Along with this change TouchScreen's tap interval and Hover Period to 100 and change Swipe Sensitivity to High. This will make typing better.
  • If you are using unlocked phone, I would suggest as a very good site to explore the berry ! :)
  • Left side convenience button on Storm2 by default opens Nuance voice recognition stuff and its very annoying when it gets clicked by mistake. To avoid this nuisance change the left navigation to Keyboard. This is pretty handy when you wanna type sooner unlike selecting it from menu. Change it by going to Menu -> Options -> Screen/Keyboard -> Left side convenience key option.
  • Avoid using Desktop Manager to install BB softwares. Its horribly slow and pisses you off when you wanna install even one app. My suggestion, get BBSAK or CrackUtil.
  • Be careful in using BBSAK. Never wipe your OS. You might end up with 907 invalid OS error. I did this and re-installed the OS via Desktop Manager (only time when I used this.)
  • Last tip for post. A very handy app is 'RestartMe'. Storm2 does not do full restart, it goes to sleep state when you power off. So to perform full restart, this app is handy. One click and done !

BTW, Anyone requiring Airtel service books can contact me. I may help you out here ;)
More tips and hacks will be added soon.



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